Postcard From Paradise

Postcard From Paradise

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Covid.....Work..... Lockdowns.....



Im sure we can all agree that its been a tough couple of years and we all could use a much needed holiday!

Hopefully the world is coming back to normality and we can jet off on new adventures soon, but in the mean time we thought we would create a fun collection travel inspired!


Whether its Hawaii, Bali, Fiju or Tahiti... Im sure everyone can agree that tropical holidays are the BEST!!! Give me a bikini, beach and pina colada any day!


Measurements:  7 x 4cm (measured from top of stud) 


Our earrings are made from high quality acrylic and are super light weight, we use US made surgical stainless steel fixing so they're suitable for sensitive ears.  


Yes! We do clip ons. Please leave a note in the box below if you’d like clip ons.


Overseas orders allow for extra mailing time.

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